Blac Chyna Goes Full Mermaid With Her Latest 'Do

Now, this woman is certainly no stranger to mixing up her ‘do, but her latest hair transformation is her most summer-inspired look yet. Blac Chyna debuted mermaid blue hair, because why wouldn’t you want to live an under the sea lifestyle, especially this time of the year? I can’t think of a good reason not to, that’s for sure.

Her teal locks made their debut on social media, and trust me — these flowing tresses will give you all of the summertime feels. She belongs by the shore with hair this color because that’s just what all mermaids deserve. She took to Snapchat to show off her new aqua ‘do and thanked the people who gave her this look. She credits Kendra’s Boutique for her extensions and hairstylist Kellon Deryck for the color. And they definitely deserve some gratitude. Because it’s not everyday that you get to live your best mermaid life possible.

An extreme hair color is nothing new to Blac Chyna, though. She’s tried everything from blonde to lime green on for size. It takes real talent to pull off as many hair colors as she has, and as you’ll see, she makes it looks so easy. Check out her latest ‘do along with some of her other colorful styles. Be prepared for all the colors of a rainbow and more!

Is this #MermaidHairGoals or what?

1. Blonde Bombshell

This is tame in comparison to some of her other looks, But, she had to try a blonde hair color out since they allegedly have more fun, right?

2. White Blonde

She took the blonde fun to the next level by going a few shades lighter.

3. Neon

This is the brightest hair color I've ever seen! But, somehow, she still manages to make this work. It does pair well with her tie-dye, after all.

4. Pretty In Pink

Cotton candy-colored hair? Yeah, she can rock that, too.

5. Monochrome

When your hair matches your nails and your hat, it's a good day.

6. Lady In Red

Blac Chyna's even tried out being a redhead.

7. Electric Blue

Her latest aqua color is a bit different, but it's certainly not the first time she's worn blue hair.

Seriously, is there a color she hasn't done before?