6 PB&Js With A Hint Of Local Flavor

Whether you're studying out of state or living far away from your family, we all get a little homesick. And there’s nothing quite like the classic PB&J sandwich that gives you a little piece of home, wherever you eat it. Most PB&J lovers can probably agree that the childhood favorite brown bag staple needs little, if any, improvement.

I mean what’s not to love? PB&J is for every type of person. For the less culinary savvy, it’s easy to make; for the busy and active, it’s easy to pack; for the indecisive, it’s both sweet and savory, and for everyone else, it’s just delicious.

But what if there was a way to make this childhood treat taste even more like home? Spoiler alert: there is! We’ve heard about all sorts of creative ways to upgrade the simple and perfect PB&J. From PB&J French toast to PB&J pizza, the possibilities can take your palate all over the world.

In partnership with Smucker's®, we’ve rounded up some recipes that quite literally hit home. Here are some PB&J recipes that definitely win that hometown glory gold.

Iowa Corn Style PB&J Popcorn

Iowans can get their crunchy corn fix and satisfy any PB&J cravings with some tasty PB&J popcorn. It may be a super simple addition, but sweet and savory popcorn complements PB&J a-MAIZE-ingly with its packed-in flavorful crunch. Corny puns not included.

Recipe here.

Tex-Mex PB&J Banana Burritos

Spice up your burrito bites by forever changing the Tex-Mex snack game with this classic PB&J transformation. It may not actually be spicy, but it's a PB&J burrito, for crying out loud. Yum, y'all.

Recipe here.

Boston PB&J Marshmallow Salad

Aside from revolution, tea parties, and a rich history during which our nation's freedom was founded, Boston has so graciously given us something arguably much better: marshmallow creme, my friends. This cloud-like and heavenly gooey goodness revolutionizes the PB&J game, in typical Boston revolutionary fashion. Make that into a PB&J salad and you have yourself the perfect treat to bring to any tea party.

Recipe here.

Maine Peanut Butter And Jelly Mousse Parfait With Maple Syrup

Take everything you love about PB&J, pack it up in a portable jar, and travel up North to have yourself a little picnic in Maine with this French-inspired parfait. OK, so you may not exactly be in France, but Canada's just a stone's throw away. And if you really want to up your Maine game, drizzle on some mouth-watering maple syrup. Bon appétit!

Recipe here.

New Orleans-Style PB&J Beignet

Missing the unrivaled hospitality of the Deep South? Easily take your PB&J back down to that Southern comfort with this deep-fried PB&J recipe. Imagine that perfect flavor combo that had you first falling in love with the PB&J, and now imagine all that quadrupled. You have yourself a PB&J beignet.

Recipe here.

California PB&J Sushi Rolls

Take your PB&J to an elevated level of nostalgic and sophisticated bliss by way of some California-inspired sushi rolls. These adorable, bite-sized rolls deliver your favorite childhood flavor combo in a fancy little way that's easy to make and fun to eat. Chopsticks optional.

Recipe here.

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Images: Courtesy of Home Cooking Memories, Smucker's® , The Seasoned Mom, Dessert For Two, Momdot