Great News For 'UnREAL' Fans

Let's be honest: you don't watch The Bachelor for an analysis of the human psyche. Instead, fans tune in to the reality show for its perfect storm of awkward rose ceremonies, teary-eyed confessionals, and hot messes in hot tubs. While The Bachelor may be all in good fun, the show based on the televised dating game is a far darker exploration of seriously damaged people. Lifetime's UnREAL is about the behind-the-scenes world of Everlasting, a Bachelor-style reality show governed by producers Quinn and Rachel, two women who will stop at nothing to make sure that they put on a great show, even if it means bending their moral code. Juicy drama will inevitably ensure when Season 2 of UnREAL premieres on June 6, and though we're still days out from the premiere, Deadline reports that UnREAL has already been renewed for Season 3. Fans of the show know that a third season is necessary, but how can the series switch things up on their fictionalized reality show? It's simple: it's time for Everlasting to bring on a female suitor.

Unlike The Bachelor franchise, which switches things up by airing its sister series The Bachelorette for half the year, the fictional Everlasting seems to be all about the guys. The Season 1 suitor was Adam Cromwell, a hotel heir and notorious British playboy. The promos for Season 2 of UnREAL show that the new season of Everlasting will also feature a male suitor — this time Darius Hill, an ex-football player who is black. The diversity is great and proves that UnREAL doesn't seem to be repeating the same song and dance with Season 2 as it did its freshman season — but I'm hoping that the series will really shift course by giving Everlasting a Bachelorette twist in Season 3. Isn't it time we see how guys react when asked to compete for the heart of one woman?

One of the best things about UnREAL is its complicated female characters, and while, by nature, a season with a female suitor would populate the Everlasting cast with men, I would be excited to see how the dynamic shifts with a woman having a strong position of power within the context of Rachel and Quinn's reality show. Right now, Rachel and Quinn rule the roost, but adding in a Bachelorette who doesn't take too well to the producers' manipulation might be the exact thing to challenge their power. The promos for Season 2 hint that Rachel and Quinn won't have a difficult time making problems and "pointing cameras at them," but with a woman as the suitor in Season 3, well, things might get a little dicey for our leading ladies.

As for Season 3's potential crop of dudes, dealing with plenty of on-camera male personalities is something that the series hasn't had to contend with yet. Thing of all that the series could explore: toxic masculinity within the mansion, fights over the gym equipment, dudes bailing on the house at a whim a la Bentley Williams... It's time UnREAL proves that guys can cause just as much drama as the ladies, and I'm sure Rachel and Quinn would appreciate a new challenge.

Of course, we still have one more season of UnREAL — and Everlasting — before we see how the series will change up the formula in Season 3. If the sophomore season can be just as addictive as the first, I'll certainly be tuning in for its third time around.

Images: Lifetime; Giphy (2)