Too Faced's Totally Cute Palette Is Affordable

When it comes to absolutely adorable packaging, this company has got you covered. From palettes that celebrate your fav foods to one that’s totally customizable, this is the place to go for makeup that’s as pretty on the outside as it is once you open it up! How much is the Too Faced Totally Cute Palette? You’re going to want to find out, purely because of the sticker-filled customizeable action.

That’s right, stickers! This allows you to create the most adorable packaging by providing a slew of illustrations that you can stick on the front of your palette. Because you’re never too old to have fun with stickers! Then, once you’ve covered the outside, the inside will yield just as much glory. As soon as you open it up, you’ll discover nine brand new eye shadows. The colors range from light pink to deep sparkly teal.

With packaging and products this good, this is the ultimate way to have fun with your makeup inside and out. This appropriately named Totally Cute Palette drops on June 15 and will only cost $36. Affordable makeup that’s as much fun to play with as it is to wear? Yes, please!

Let the glam process begin!

With everything from bunnies to pizza, it's not hard to get cute and creative with these little guys.

Food, makeup and unicorns? These are all of my fav things.

When you combine these shadows and stickers, you'll get a unique look that's all your own, which is what you were after all along!

Too Faced Cosmetics, you just get me!

Images: Courtesy Too Faced (3); Giphy (1)