Nick Jonas May Have A Huge Crush On Emilia Clarke

Nick Jonas is seriously wishing he could sit in a tree with Emilia Clarke, if you know what I'm saying. The 23-year-old "Close" singer couldn't imagine not making a spontaneous drop-in at BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show on Thursday when he heard Emilia Clarke, who plays everyone's favorite Daenerys Targaryen on HBO's Game of Thrones, was going to be on the show. Because, apparently Jonas has a celebrity crush on Clarke. After being introduced to Clarke as "a fan that she would not be worried about," by host Nick Grimshaw, Jonas sat down, starstruck, to share his previous mortifying encounter with her, and explain, well, one of his most embarrassing pastimes: Jonas stalks Clarke's Instagram.

"I've actually already met Emilia," he began, as he adjusted his radio headphones, already blushing. "At the Oscars after-party. It wasn't like, 'I'm a fan of your show.' Actually, that was part of it, but I was like, 'I'm also a fan of your Instagram.' Which I don't know if it's a weird thing to say. The minute I walked away I was like, 'That sounded stupid,'" Clarke immediately then comforted his humiliation by remarking that it was "an amazing thing to say."

"That was maybe after one or two cocktails that I said that. It was highly embarrassing," Jonas continued. Awwwww. His lovable fascination is just awww. See, folks, celebrities are really just as creepy and unprepared for life as we are.

As the pair's very cute interaction moved forward on the radio show, Grimshaw asked Jonas about the root of his obsession to her Instagram. "Why do you enjoy her Instagram so much, Nick Jonas?" Grimshaw questioned. “She posts great stuff, insight into the show, behind-the-scenes pictures and stuff,” Jonas explained. And Clarke couldn't help but agree. "I found it very flattering," Clarke insisted. "I'm very proud of that Instagram." And why wouldn't she be? Just taking a look at the evidence below, Clarke is an absolutely adorable joy.

As the "Chains" singer kept gushing over the gorgeous Me Before You actress and asking her fangirl questions about the HBO series, radio host Grimshaw proposed Jonas should audition for show. “Oh my God, let’s ask them now! David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] if you’re listening… I’ll email them. I’m going to email them now,” Clarke excitedly suggested. “You can ride a dragon, honey. It’s OK.” D'aww these two are seriously too cute for words. And, of course, following the interview, Jonas took to his ultimate stalking app to post a picture with his hopefully new co-star, captioning it, "Two Nicks and a queen of dragons."

OK, guys, how can we make this crush turn into a real relationship? It is just too much to handle.

Check out the pair's sweet chemistry in the full interview above.