6 Eye Creams for Reluctant 20-Somethings

Sometimes I read articles that warn me, in the thunderous voice of doom, "EYES SHOW THE FIRST SIGNS OF AGING!" and...I just want to watch Saturday morning cartoons or otherwise bask in denial of my own mortality. Do we really need to be investing in specialized creams just yet? Ugh.

I've done a bit of internet aggregating, and the opinion of the World Wide Web re. eye creams and twenty-somethings seems to be, vaguely, "It's never to early to start using an eye cream, but you don't really need one, either." Oprah and Allure say "not really," Huffington Post and Refinery29 say "start today." While any conclusive decision is up to you and your dermatologist, here are 6 gentle starter options for those who believe an ounce (or, in this case, a pea-sized amount) of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

by Tori Telfer

The rich all-purpose cream

I use Sanre Organic’s moisturizer during the day, and they usually include a small sample of their eye cream every time I purchase it. (One day, I’ll buy the full thing….) It’s creamy and rich, perfect for dabbing around tired eyes right before bed, and features almond oil, beeswax, and horsetail powder, among other major players.

Sanre Organic Eye Candy, $34, Amazon

The cooling gel

This cucumber/witch hazel/aloe-y gel is more of a soothing presence — say, to depuff tired eyes after late nights spent Literary Salon-ing — then an anti-aging measure. Use it in place of a cool slice of cucumber.

Organic Doctor® Aloe Vera Eye Gel, $13, Amazon

The organic budget buy

According to Spirit Beauty Lounge, who knows everything about organic beauty, this antioxidant-packed cream is ideal for preventing wrinkles before they start.

Acure Organics Eye Cream, $12, Amazon

The one with SPF

Works to reduce fine lines (ugh) and dark circles (ugh) while protecting your sparkly little eyes with evening primrose oil, zero silicone or parabens, and an SPF of 6.

Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream, $38, Beauty Bar

The eye oil

If we’re obsessed with oils for the face as a society, you better believe someone’s going to invent an oil designed just for eyes. Bioelements’ eye oil is a combination of jojoba, sunflower seed, and evening primrose oils, among others, and can be used on the rest of your face, too.

All Things Pure Eye Oil, $31, Amazon

The hippie nighttime cream

Fatty acids and hand-picked wild botanicals of elderflower, Okanagan rose and nettles (be still, my hippie soul!) combine to make this a soothing part of your evening ritual.

Elderflower Rose Eye Cream, $23, Etsy