11 Instagram Memes That Are Way Too Accurate

by Chelsey Grasso

Social media has taken over the world, and while Facebook may have started it all (or MySpace, depending on who you ask), Instagram seems to have taken the center stage as of late. However, with Instagram's rise in popularity comes humanity's dissent into the viral world, and these 11 funny Instagram memes showcase just how terrifying (and terrifyingly hilarious) that can be.

Since the rise of Instagram, so much has changed in popular culture. From the use of hashtags to taking excessive photos of everything we eat, things have gotten a little crazy in my opinion. It's not that I don't appreciate a good cropping and filter, but I do think America has gone a bit overboard with sharing seemingly everything online. That being said, at least we have the ability to recognize our obsession and make fun of it, right?

Whether you are an avid Instagram user or not, these memes will crack you up. They are spot on when it comes to summing up the world of social media, and they really hit at the heart of just how ridiculous we truly are when it comes to posting the perfect photo. I can certainly appreciate these memes and all of the truth that they hold.

Whose heart doesn't flutter when their crush likes their gram?

I have so many people I want to ask this question to... so, so many people. Like Kylie Jenner.

Because how many followers you have defines how many friends you have, right?

Everyone's always paying attention, no matter how much they pretend that they aren't.

Too true. Fortunately, I never tire of looking at scrumptious food pictures.

This makes me sad.

You can be anything in the world of social media.

True story, bro.

#But #Hashtags #Are #So #Annoying.

Especially celebrities, am I right?

Can it get any worse than this?

Images: MemeCenter