Zac Efron's New Hair Looks Super Familiar

The Biebs is having quite the year, releasing bangers that currently live on my "top played" in my iTunes. He announced his album tour, walked around barefoot in Boston, and even sold some questionable merchandise. But our biggest question surrounding him currently is: Did Zac Efron copy Justin Bieber's platinum hair? The Internet seems to think so, after Efron posted an Instagram photo of himself with his new 'do.

This is a new look for Efron, who's been rocking the dark hair for quite some time now. But you know, new season, new you (that's the mantra I imagined Efron having when he went to his stylist). We gotta give it to Efron — he's been taking more fashion risks lately. As he's grown up, he's definitely charmed us even more with his sartorial looks (and honestly, those abs).

And while we've seen traces of highlights come up lately, Efron completely went for platinum blonde recently, posting a photo on Instagram on Thursday evening of his new 'do. And as you can imagine, there were mixed reviews. While some of his fans were totally digging it, others were missing the old look. His fans were also quick to point out that Efron's new look is shockingly similar to Bieber's iconic blonde locks....

See what I mean?

Starting to see the resemblance yet?

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Here's some pretty convincing evidence....

Dark roots? Check. Platinum blonde up top? Check. Coincidence? Maybe. And of course, Twitter is freaking out about it.

If he is taking a style note from the Biebs, I don't blame him. That blonde hair and dark root trend has been in since forever. But maybe he's copying another platinum celeb...

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They could definitely be related.

Only time will tell if Efron will keep this fresh look for long, but I'm definitely into it.