Backstreet's Back (Alright) At 2016 Miss USA

I love me a Miss USA pageant, but this year will be like no other, because the Backstreet Boys are going to perform. Yes, you read that right: Our favorite '90s heartthrobs are going to take the big stage, and I am going to faint. But before that even happens, The Backstreet Boys' 2016 Miss USA red carpet outfits came first and they definitely didn't disappoint. When the group of five stepped foot on the red carpet, they were rocking some pretty dapper suits.

I'm pretty sure most of my childhood in the '90s were spent in a lip lock with my Backstreet Boys poster while listening to their entire discography at the time. My personal love happened to be Kevin, since my sister had claimed Nick as hers. That goatee was everything, though. I'll always remember their Backstreet's Back album cover, all leaning against a wall wearing black, white, and beige, angsty as hell. Man, the '90s were peak angst. Those boys taught me a lot about style.

Like, for example, how to wear a bucket hat with style and ease. And how to wear sweater vests with pride. Or, how to match with my four other siblings perfectly. But most importantly, they taught me that small sunglasses were way too cool. And you know what? A middle part for long hair is kinda hot (I'm looking at you, Nick).

As we've seen the BSBs grow up, we've seen them go from oversized coats and baggy jeans, to leather jackets and more ill-fitting jeans. But it didn't matter — we loved them then, and we'll love them forever. And tonight, their looks at the Miss USA 2016 pageant are just too classic Backstreet Boys, and I'm here for it.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Brian, Kevin, and Howie went for darker hued suits, while Nick and A.J. rocked a grey and blueish-greyish suits, respectively. I've got to say, it's a little frightening how much they look like their younger selves!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Major props to A.J. and Howie for throwing in a pocket square.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And of course, their fans are freaking out.

I thought I'd be over my crush on these boys once I, you know, reached my mid-twenties. Wrong, so wrong. I do miss the loose-fitting jeans and the frosted tips, but I gotta say, this is a good look for them.