Chrissy Teigen Can Troll With The Best Of 'Em

While Chrissy Teigen has become well accustomed with trolls continuously creeping into her mentions to give her flak, there are certain times when even the best and wittiest unofficial online moderator can't just simply let the insults roll of her back. And who could blame her? Twitter, and on a broader scale, the internet police, have been critiquing how Teigen parents her newborn daughter, Luna, until finally, she couldn't take it anymore. So, to bait her various browbeaters, Teigen was going to pretend to take baby Luna courtside at the NBA Finals after bringing her on the floor for John Legend's National Anthem rehearsal got some people concerned about her parenting. And she almost went through with it. Oh, how I wish she did.

How exactly do you plan a fake out prank with a newborn? Well, first of all, you have to have a fairly mischievous newborn on hand whose down to fool the general public and is cool with having a stuffed animal wrapped in a blanket pose as her. So, check. Second, you need to reach a level of zen that allows you to be able to embrace the mean spirited and unsolicited input from a bevy of know-it-alls, and then use it to your advantage. Double check.

But even though Teigen was totally prepared, she had something else important: a greek chorus of pals who ended up convincing her not to go through with the cheeky social experiment, not because it isn't hilarious, but to save her some unneeded grief.

So, yeah, Teigen's plan to take little Luna to the NBA Finals didn't pan out, but lucky for us, she kindly documented the epic almost-prank for our viewing enjoyment. But, also, I bet in showing us her cards, she inevitably caused just a few trolls and over-reactors to reflect on their brash judgments of her. At least I hope so. You can check out her evil genius Snapchat plan, below:

In the end, the model remarked in her Snapchat caption that she and Legend, "couldn't bring fake baby" with them. But it's the thought that counts here, Chrissy. I still salute you.