Essie's 2016 Bridal Collection Is To Die For

by May Sofi

Most fashionistas would agree that having the perfect manicure is a crucial part of any ensemble, and if you're as obsessed with all things nails like I am, then there is no such thing as having too much nail polish. Essie's new 2016 Bridal Collection is so incredibly beautiful, you need to add it to your polish stash immediately. This may be called a bridal collection, but you definitely don't need to be getting hitched to wear these gorgeous colors. So what exactly does Essie's 2016 Bridal Collection include? Fortunately for you, I have all the details.

The stunning 6-piece collection goes way beyond the typical color palette usually associated with brides, making it perfect not only for all things wedding, bridal party, and honeymoon, but also for a weekend at the beach or perhaps a brunch date with the girls. From a shimmery mint green and deep rose, to a romantic lilac and cheeky peach, Essie's latest line has got all your summertime needs covered — barbecues, pool parties and all. If the shades weren't adorable enough, the names are even cuter. With titles like "Groom Service," "Mrs. Always Right," and "Steal His Name," you won't be able to choose just one.

Check out all six shades in the collection.

1. Between The Seats

Between The Seats, $8.50,

This gorgeous ivory has subtle hints of lilac and grey.

2. Coming Together

Coming Together, $8.50,

The most perfect pastel pink I ever did see.

3. Groom Service

Groom Service, $8.50,

For those of us who aren't the pink type, this baby purple is a great choice.

4. Mrs. Always Right

Mrs. Always Right, $8.50,

This fierce terracotta rose, as described by Essie, has a bit of romance and a touch of edginess.

5. Passport To Happiness

Passport To Happiness, $8.50,

The subtle iridescent sheen of this shade makes it anything but your basic mint green.

6. Steal His Name

Steal His Name, $8.50,

If subtlety is your thing, this sheer peach hue will totally steal your heart.

The 2016 Bridal Collection is available at and fine salons nationwide.

Images: Essie (6)