13 Father's Day Cards That Are Surprisingly Cheap

If you haven't gotten your dad a Father's Day card yet, you should probably get on that. Dad's big day is June 19, and no matter what your budget is, these cheap Father's Day cards are an excellent route to go. With seven, eight, and even 10 dollar cards showing up at drugstores across America, telling Dad how much you love and appreciate him has become as pricey as ever.

Fortunately, there are still some reasonably priced cards on the market that get the job done at half the cost. These awesome cards come in at the three to four dollar range, which means you can use the rest of your budget to pick out a cool gift or edible treat, because what dad — or person, for that matter — doesn't love freshly baked cookies or cupcakes?

Just because these cards are cheap doesn't mean they look it. In fact, this selection of Father's Day cards is made up of some of the most creative and well-designed cards I have ever seen. If you are willing to skip the singing and pop-up card route, then there is no better way to go than with one of these affordable creations. Either way, your dad will love it.

1. Call Dad Father's Day Card

Truer words have never been spoken.

Call Dad Father's Day Card, $3.70, OldEnglishCo/Etsy

2. Darth Vader Father's Day Card

For every dad who's a Star Wars fan.

Darth Vader Father's Day Card, $4.34, DryHumorBoutique/Etsy

3. Saw Father's Day Card

Who doesn't love a cheesy pun?

Saw Father's Day Card, $3.50, PaisleyandHazel/Etsy

4. Suspected Father's Day Card

Dads are right about everything... you didn't know that?

Suspected Father's Day Card, $4.07, BettieConfetti/Etsy

5. Steve Harvey Father's Day Card

We all make mistakes, even Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey Father's Day Card, $4.23, TopHatAndMonocle/Etsy

6. Batman Father's Day Card

Note the footnote.

Batman Father's Day Card, $3.73, GinBunnyPrints/Etsy

7. Cheesy Father's Day Card

Nothing wrong with a little cheese.

Cheesy Father's Day Card, $3.50, LanierDigital/Etsy

8. Yoda Best Dad Father's Day Card

You can never have too many Star Wars options when it comes to dads.

Yoda Best Dad Father's Day Card, $3.73, StudioBoketto/Etsy

9. Happy Father's Day Card


Happy Father's Day Card, $3.76, dearlittledarling/Etsy

10. Silly Father's Day Card

Well, it's true, isn't it?

Silly Father's Day Card, $4.50, SweetPotatoShop/Etsy

11. Stellar Father's Day Card

This card is on point.

Stellar Father's Day Card, $4, ModernPrintedMatter/Etsy

12. Coolest Pop Father's Day Card

Who's cooler than your pop?

Coolest Pop Father's Day Card, $3.50, PaisleyandHazel/Etsy

13. More Than Mom Father's Day Card

Just don't tell her.

More Than Mom Father's Day Card, $3.99, LeSentiments/Etsy