Are You Winning Your Morning? - QUIZ

They only happen every four years, but whenever the Olympic Games roll around, I can't help but feel inspired — and a little nostalgic. I was utterly captivated by the Games as a kid. Back in 1996, I always wanted to watch every minute of every event, I rooted for Team USA to win, and of course, I wanted to be on the women's gymnastics team. (Who didn't?)

While I've moved on from trying out floor routines in my living room, the Olympic Games still have motivational appeal. It's hard to watch them and not feel like applying that spirit of competition to everything in your life. Since winning the day starts with your morning, why not take a little time to improve your morning routine? In partnership with Folgers®, a proud sponsor of Team USA, we've put together a quiz that tests whether you are, in fact, winning the most important part of the day. And don't worry: whether you win a bronze, silver, or gold, you're still a winner in our eyes.

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Image: Claire Joines / Bustle

This post is sponsored by Folgers®, a proud sponsor of Team USA.