12 Summer Memes That Tell It How It Really Is

We spend most of the year wishing for the summer to come along, and then as soon as it does, we're wishing it would just end already. These funny summer memes depict the harsh truth that is the summertime. While it always seems so glamorous and relaxing in theory — peaceful walks in the park, vacationing in seaside towns, and ice cream sundaes galore — as soon as the temperature starts rising that illusion is instantly broken. When will we ever learn?

From woes about summer school and the horrors of going to family waterparks to spending the days on your computer and dealing with seagulls at the crowded beach, these memes are pretty on point. Summer can be a blast, no doubt, but it can also be a kind of miserable time. I'm just being honest you guys — spring and fall are where it's at! The weather is perfect, the kids are in school, and the foliage and budding blooms make for quite an eyeful. I don't know how many heat waves and kid-crowded parks it's going to take us to realize that summer just isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Regardless, let's all take a moment to have a laugh at the season of summer. Maybe that will make it a tad more bearable?

For real, you guys.

Grumpy Cat always tells it how it is.

Those glasses though.

As if public pools weren't suspect enough...

Guilty as charged.

Summer school — there's no punishment quite like it.

Is this how they think?

Or so it feels.

Yeah, in fact once you're done with academia, you might never hear it again.

So. Freaking. Cute.

How the morning feels when the AC turns off in the middle of the night.

But actually.

Images: MemeCenter