9 Nail Polishes That'll Make You Look Tanner

We've all been there: standing in front of the polish wall in the nail salon, thousands of bottles of rainbow-colored options staring back at us, feeling completely lost. Should we go with a classic red? Or mix it up with a more daring green? What about that cool grey shade that that beauty blogger Instagrammed the other day? What about a nail polish that will make you look tanner?

There are so, so, so many different choices, the thought of settling on just one (even when you know it will probably only last a week — two if you're lucky) is completely overwhelming. Your decision then becomes even more complicated when you take into account the fact that you've spent hours at the beach perfecting your summer glow, and really want to choose a nail polish color that will make your tan pop.

There are two totally different ways you can go with your polish palette: You can either opt for a light, pastel option that will contrast with your skin tone, or a bright, neon one that will complement it. Stay away from reds, blacks and greys — they really won't do anything for your skin tone.

Here are nine different nail polishes, from every end of the rainbow, that will make you look extra tan. And don't forget to paint your toes!

1. Pale Pink

Zoya Nail Polish in Juanita, $9, Beauty Care Choices

This uber-girly, not-quite-white color goes with everything and looks great on fingers and toes. Plus, Zoya's ingredients are all natural, so no need to worry about any harmful chemicals in this polish.

2. Opaque White

Nonie Creme Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer, $5, Walgreens

When it comes to showing off a tan, white polish functions the same way as white clothing. Apply at least three (maybe four) coats of any white polish to get the right color and opacity.

3. Bright Blue

NARS Night Out, $20, NARS Cosmetics

The cool tones in this blue polish will complement the warmer tones in your skin to really make your tan pop.

4. Pastel Purple

Essie Nail Polish in Virgin Snow, $8, HBBeautyBar

This shade combines the color properties of the white and bright blue polishes, giving an icy contrast to your dark skin. Any cool pastel color (like blue or mint green) will have the same affect.

5. Coral

Essie Nail Polish in Tart Deco, $8, Kohls

Can't decide between pink and orange? This coral polish has undertones of all of the warm shades, which will complement the warm shades in your skin that become more prominent as you tan.

6. Sunshine Yellow

OPI Nail Polish in I Just Can't Cope-acabanna, $10, Overstock

A Brazil-themed polish, just in time for the Summer Olympics in Rio.

7. Hot Pink

China Glaze Nail Polish Wow Factor PINK VOLTAGE, $4, Salon Supply Chain

A glossy neon pink polish with a SERIOUS wow factor, complete with shine enhancer and nail hardener.

8. Fluorescent Orange

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish in Tangerine Crush, $6, Loreal Paris

Hot orange shades will make you look extra sun kissed. Try this shade with a gold glitter accent nail for a real double-whammy.

9. Shimmering Gold

Deborah Lipman Nail Polish in Boom Boom Pow, $20, Bloomingdales

Gold glitter reflects light, which will make your summer glow look even glowy-er.

Images: Courtesy Of Brands