Meyers Bring In Great Ratings For 2 Shows

Seth Meyers got off to a great start with his first Late Night episode on Monday and there are numbers to prove it. Late Night with Seth Meyers brought in high ratings and 2.86 million viewers. The episode's 2.6/9 rating is 13 percent better than Jimmy Fallon's Late Night premiere in 2009 and is 63 percent better than the show's average. It'll be interesting to see if Meyers keeps up ratings throughout his entire first week as Fallon was able to do with The Tonight Show , but it seems likely because of his impressive guest list. Lena Dunham will stop by later in the week and Kanye West will appear on Tuesday night's episode which is sure to draw in viewers.

Seth Meyers didn't only bring high ratings to his new show, he also brought them to an unexpected cable premiere. Meyers was featured on Friday's episode, the season 11 premiere, of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. Meyers surprised a fan named Shealynn Casserly at the end her dress shopping experience. Casserly, an army medic who was "injured in a roadside bomb blast in Afghanistan," previously met Meyers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center when she was given the opportunity to meet her celebrity of choice. Meyers took the opportunity to surprise Casserly again on Say Yes to the Dress.

Meyers brought a great surprise to his fan, but also brought in ratings for the show. Say Yes to the Dress got its highest season premiere ratings ever and pulled 1.6 million viewers with Meyers' help.

Maybe his time on Say Yes to the Dress gave Meyers the confidence he needed for a fantastic Late Night start. Hey, if you can get people to watch dress shopping, then you can probably get them to tune in for interviews of their favorite celebrities.