How Many Democratic Delegates Does Washington D.C. Have Up For Grabs? The District Is Well-Represented

The tiny patch of land nestled between Virginia and Maryland may not be an official state in the Union, however, that doesn't mean that Washington D.C. will suffer from a lack of representation at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer. So, just how many Democratic delegates does Washington D.C. have up for grabs? Let's just say it appears that there are some perks to being the capital of the country — especially if you're a party leader or elected official.

Washington D.C. Democrats will go to the polls on June 14 in what will be the final — finally — primary of this cycle. District Dems vote in a closed primary that will usher in the final five weeks before the gavel drops at the DNC in late July. A total of 46 individuals will make up the D.C. voting delegation.

Delegates will be awarded proportionally, with 20 delegates to be divided between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. However, the District will be sending a whopping 26 unpledged party leaders and elected officials — aka superdelegates — to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. That's actually the highest ratio of superdelegates to elected delegates in the entire country! Like I said, living in the capitol does come with perks.


According to the D.C. Democrats publicly available internal documentation, 22 of the superdelegates will be selected from DNC members residing in the District. Three superdelegate spaces are reserved for the "shadow" congressional delegation; outspoken advocate of D.C. statehood Eleanor Holmes Norton will be part of that list. Finally, the mayor of D.C., Muriel Elizabeth Bowser, will be at the convention in the capacity of a superdelegate, too.

So far, it is pretty clear who the superdelegates are supporting at this stage. The former junior Senator from New York has 20 out of the 26 superdelegates saying they will support her campaign, according to reporting from the perennial savior of election reporters everywhere,

To recap: D.C.'s Democrats will be sending 46 delegates on to the DNC — 20 will be allocated proportionally based on the results of a closed primary, and 26 will be unpledged superdelegates made up of 22 party leaders and 4 elected officials. While the residents of the District of Columbia may not be recognized as a state with full rights by the federal government, it sure seems that the Democratic Party of D.C. will at least be well-represented at the DNC this July.