This 'GoT' Character Is A Survivor

Honestly, this shouldn't be a surprise — the old adage that you can't prove a character is dead until there is a body is no longer true on Game of Thrones thanks to Jon Snow. Though, the latest return is nothing compared to the former Lord Commander, how did The Hound survive on Game of Thrones ?

Simple, he didn't die — I assume. We never actually saw him die, remember? Presumably, Ian McShane's character swooped in and saved him before that happened. Then he took him to a hippie colony with Don Draper? Amity from the Divergent series? It sure seemed overly friendly for Westeros. Wherever it is, this mysterious man had the skills and the resources available to tend to Sandor's injuries and keep him from dying.

Maybe this unarmed group of friendly people has magic. Ian McShane was hung at the end of the episode, but I doubt that Game of Thrones would hire an actor of such gravitas for such a small amount of time. He's definitely coming back. Perhaps the Hound was resurrected from the dead, just like his brother. That would certainly be fitting. The important thing is that the Hound is back, and all those who are pumped for the Cleganebowl have Ian McShane and these shiny happy people to thank.

Image: courtesy of HBO