"Cleganebowl" Needs To Happen On 'Game Of Thrones'

by Alaina Urquhart-White

So much has happened this season on Game Of Thrones already. Sunday's episode confirmed what many fans thought to be true by bringing back The Hound. When we last saw him he was all but dead after Brienne of Tarth demolished him and threw him off a cliff. After apparently being saved by Septon Meribald, The Hound is a living, breathing savage again. So, is he ready to participate in the long awaited CleganeBowl on Game of Thrones? Let's hope so.

Fans have always been dying to see the two brothers Clegane battle to the death. The Mountain is a bigger d*ck than The Hound in my opinion, and now that The Hound is back, I can finally see him taking that Oberyn murderer out for good. Of course, there is the issue of The Mountain being a homicidal zombie that is completely loyal to Cersei Lannister but I am sure we can get around that.

There is definitely going to be a battle between Cersei and the High Sparrow. This battle is going to get ugly and it will most certainly include usage of the Zombie Mountain. Will The Hound go back to King's Landing and fight for the High Sparrow? After Septon Maribald was murdered, he is likely on the hunt for revenge and it seems like he may have at least some empathy with The Faith of The Seven now. A CleganeBowl in that atmosphere would be amazing and as much as I can't stand the High Sparrow, I might have to root for his team in that situation.

Now that The Hound is back, we are likely to see him meet with his brother and I simply can't wait to see it happen.

Image: HBO