Arya Got A Lucky Break On 'Game Of Thrones'

Look, I appreciate that Jon Snow is alive after all this time, but all these people cheating death seems excessive. How did Arya survive on Game of Thrones ? The Waif stabbed her multiple times, but she seemed to get better. I'm not complaining, but the situation is suspicious.

Arya fell into the sea and emerged soon after, gasping for breath and not 100 percent, but definitely breathing and able to stumble around. How is she not dead? Maybe it was literally something in the water. Maybe the Waif has gone soft, and let her escape by deliberately avoiding her organs. It's definitely not a healthy relationship, but I have always suspected that the girl with the blonde lob may have secretly liked Arya. Then again, maybe Arya and the Waif are the same person and all of this was just for show. In order to keep my head from hurting any more, especially after what happened to Hodor, I am going to go ahead and assume that the Waif missed her target until proven otherwise.

I love how Snow White the whole scene was. The Waif literally disguised herself as an old crone in order to get to Arya, the princess. I'm glad Arya's not dead, especially now that she's made the decision to leave her death cult and return home. Whether it was a fluke, or something more mysterious at play, Arya is being tested on Game of Thrones and she will finally have to put all of her skills to work.

Image: courtesy of HBO