Kerry Washington Was a Late Bloomer

Kerry Washington may be one of Hollywood's hottest "It" girls, but she wasn't always this glam and gorgeous. In a recent interview with Loud Mouth, the mom-to-be confessed that she was a late bloomer when it came to all things fashion and beauty.

I came into beauty and fashion much later in life — like after college and when I had to walk red carpets. I called friends of mine who I knew had real wisdom in this area like Tracee Ellis Ross (an actress and the daughter Dianna Ross) and I became a student of fashion and beauty.

Washington's belated introduction into the fashion world has a lot to do with her upbringing. The Scandal star's mom was a retired professor of education, so school was always first and foremost her priority.

"Her focus in raising me was never on aesthetics. There was more focus on developing your inside beauty than there was on outside beauty," said Washington.

Even now, as one of the most enviable women in the industry, Washington doesn't feel the pressure to always be perfect. In fact, she believes those "imperfections are actually the gift." Washington defines beauty as "knowing yourself and celebrating what’s best about you. Everybody’s got something to celebrate."

Could she be any more wonderful? We think not.