13 Genius “Shark Tank” Gadgets You Can Buy Now

I just love it when your average Joe turns out to be a multi-million-dollar inventor (don’t you?), and when it comes to incredible inventions, some of the genius things to buy from Shark Tank entirely take the cake. Best of all, you can now nab these epic items right from your laptop.

If you’ve never seen the show, ABC’s Shark Tank goes a little something like this: a random dude or lady presents a homemade invention to a panel of successful (usually pretty brutal) business moguls. If someone on the panel is into the idea, they invest in it to help the noob-inventor get their business off the ground. If they’re not into it, disappointment often ensues, and if they’re all into it, things can get a little feisty up in that panel.

My favorite thing about this show, however, is that everyday people solve their everyday problems with a little elbow grease and some original thought, and really great products come out of it. If you’re looking to check out (and possibly purchase) some of the most successful inventions from Shark Tank , take a look at this list of genius gadgets throughout all seven seasons.

Light Up Any Backyard Or Campsite With This Inflatable Solar Light

Solar Inflatable Light, $19, Amazon

The wanna-be-naturist in me is in love with this handy little thing. The solar inflatable light clips onto your backpack or slides into a pocket while uninflated, and once charged and inflated, it offers up to eight hours of bright, LED light. Not only is it waterproof, lightweight, portable, glare-proof, and charges fully out in the sun, but it has two separate light settings and is especially wonderful for camping or emergencies.

Keep Any Opened Bottle Of Wine Cork-Level Fresh

Air Cork Wine Preserver, $29, Amazon

If the end of the night is near and you find yourself halfway through a bottle of wine, never fear — some smart human created the air cork wine preserver. For any standard-sized bottle, this inflatable balloon keeps your wine tasting fresh and stops oxidation with an airtight seal, all without altering the flavor. Each balloon is good for up to 80 uses, and this set comes with a storage bag, an adorable hand pump, two balloons, and a directions guide.

Get Beautiful Skin With Mud From An Alaskan Glacier

Alaskan Glacial Mud Facial Mask, $34, Amazon

I bet on your last watch-through of Titanic, you didn’t think “Skincare, straight ahead!” But it turns out that those frozen floating masses contain loads of trace elements that promote healthy skin cell regeneration. This Alaskan glacial mud facial mask is sustainably harvested with glacial mud from the Copper River Delta in Alaska, which cleanses pores, firms skin, balances pH, brightens dark spots, and reduces acne. It feels luxurious, is made without allergens or parabens, and contains only organic and wild-crafted ingredients.

Work Out Knots By Yourself With This Flexible Massage Tool

Q-Flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool, $25, Amazon

Now that there’s the Q-Flex acupressure back and body massage tool, you’ll never again have to ask the question, “Hey, can you work out this knot for me?” Massage any area of your body, work out sore muscles, stimulate acupressure points, and relieve tension with this flexible and durable rounded design. To use it on your back, simply place the point of the tool at the center of the pain, and gently pull forward on the comfortable handle in 15-second intervals.

Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe With These Frequency-Blocking Sleeves

Credit Card Protector Sleeve Set, $13, Amazon

Pickpockets don’t even need to pick your pocket anymore — with a cheap $50 scanner, they can jack all your information from your cards without even touching you. If you’re traveling, living in a big city, or just plain cautious, this credit card protector sleeve set is made with a special lining that blocks all radio-frequency identification scanners from reading your credit cards, debit cards, or ID. They’re durable, but slim-fitting for use in any wallet, and they come in an array of six different beautiful designs with a bonus e-book about protecting your identity.

Keep This Flexible And Chic Book Lamp On Your Desk

Excelvan Wooden Folding LED Nightlight Booklight , $33, Amazon

As both a reader and a decorative-light person, this one’s my all-time favorite. The Excelvan wooden folding LED nightlight booklight is made of environmentally-friendly white maple wood and paper material, but because it’s lightweight, flexible, and rechargeable, you can stand it upright, lay it down flat, or bend it into a cylindrical shape for 360 degree light. It’s magnetic and can be charged for up to eight hours on a USB port, and reviewers love how cool and unique it looks on their bedside table.

Cleanse Your House Of Dust And Hair With Minimal Effort

O-Cedar O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner, $25, Amazon

For an inexpensive and convenient way to clean your home, there’s this little O-Cedar O-Duster robotic floor cleaner. It’s entirely rechargeable and works without cords, and it scans every inch of your wood, vinyl, or tile floor on its own with an automatic navigation function. Simply replace the disposable electrostatic cloth, let this guy roam around to collect hair, dust, fur, and dander, and throw out the cloth when you’re done.

Never Lose Anything Ever Again

Click 'n Dig Key Finders, $39, Amazon

If you have a nasty habit of losing everything you own, the Click 'n Dig key finders might just save you a fourth of your life. Six receivers clip onto your keys or bags and stick onto your phone and wallet, and when the corresponding button is pressed on the transmitter, a loud beep and a bright flashing light will come from your lost item. The frequencies work from deep inside a couch or across walls, and the signal remains strong for up to 80 feet. This set also comes with adhesive tape and extra batteries.

Keep Your Glasses Safe And Close By

Original Stainless Steel ReadeRest, $10, Amazon

My mother once knocked on my bedroom door and asked if I’d seen either pair of her glasses, both of which were on her head. This original stainless steel ReadeRest may have been created solely for her. A strong magnet clips onto your clothing without damaging the fabric, and behold: a safe, convenient, and out-of-the-way place to store your eyeglasses. It’s great for shades or headphones, too, and because your things are always within an arm’s reach, you’ll never lose or drop them again.

Lock All Of Your Valuables Away Wherever You Are

Safego Portable Travel Lock Box Safe, $40, Amazon

Keep your valuables safe no matter where you are with a Safego portable travel lock box safe. It’s super lightweight and contains both key and combination code access to keep your phone, wallet, money, cards, camera, or jewelry totally secure, but don’t be fooled by its sleek appearance — this thing is impact-resistant, water-resistant, and really, really durable. It also comes with a steel cable to lock around your desk, your bike, or your bag, making this one of the best travel safes for any beach, pool, office, car, hike, or hotel room.

Clean Dishes & Bathtubs With This Effective And Sanitary Sponge

Scrub Daddy Sponges, $10, Amazon

I have a very low tolerance for sponges. Most of them are relatively useless when it comes to cleaning, and on top of that, they skeeve me out. The number one best-selling Scrub Daddy is the greatest sponge I’ve ever owned, though, because it’s ridiculously durable, allows for ultra-intense course scrubbing without damaging surfaces or dishes, and rinses entirely clean. It gets softer with warm water and harder with cold water, and smiley face design isn’t just for kicks and giggles — the eyeholes make for great finger holes while cleaning.

Effortlessly Infuse Your Water With The Taste Of Fruit

Infusion Pro Water Bottle, $18, Amazon

Never again drink dull and tasteless water when you’ve got this Infusion Pro water bottle. It’s BPA-free, sweat-proof, and durable, but most importantly, it’s got a carefully-situated infuser compartment to release all the taste and vitamins from your favorite fruit right into your water. The handle and flip-top make it great for on-the-go hydration, and because it’s dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, this infusion bottle is one of the most efficient on the market

Forego The Need For Notches With This Highly-Adjustable Belt

Mission Belt Leather Ratchet Belt, $37, Amazon

Imagine a magical world where you never again find yourself in between two belt holes. This Mission Belt leather ratchet belt uses a scratch-resistant metal ratchet that secures your belt wherever you damn well please, without the need for holes or notches. Because it’s made of high-quality smooth leather, comes in five sizes, and includes over 25 different colors and designs, it’s durable, stylish, efficient, and quite possibly one of the most genius inventions to come out of the fashion world in quite a while.

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