This Glorious Machine Folds Your Laundry For You

by Dasha Fayvinova

Technology is changing the way we complete daily chores, making them less of a hassle and shrinking the amount of time spent laboring over them. You might have thought that there was nothing new left to invent, but FoldiMate, a machine that folds your laundry is just the invention to prove you wrong. After all, the dreaded post-laundry folding session is exactly the type of chore you always want to skip. Luckily, technology has caught up and wants to help you out.

The FoldiMate is a robotic appliance that saves you time and effort by folding your clothes for you. All you have to do is clip your clothes into the designated slots and watch it work its magic. Each item of clothing is said to only take 10 seconds to fold. That's it. Just think about all that free time you will be getting now that you don't have to wordlessly fold each shirt and sock. Personally, I hate folding laundry so much that I bought hundreds of hangers and actually hang all of my clothing in my closet. If I had a machine like the FoldiMate I would invest in some drawers and only keep the important stuff in my closet.

The machine will be ready to pre-order in 2017 and will end up costing you between $700 and $850, depending on demand. From the looks of the website, close to 47,000 people have already signed up for an alert about the machine's pre-order. I might just drop my own email into that list. Down with folding, and say hello to FoldiMate. Below is the full video of how exactly this wonder-machine will get your laundry needs done.

The video above is basically my life, minus a bored family trying to get their laundry folded. At least they have each other, you know what I mean? I'm over here, doing the entire thing by myself! Where are my wonderfully attentive husband and rambunctious kids?

With FoldiMate you just hook up your clothes and watch them go.

My only concern has been the types of clothing that gets folded. The video only showcases the way that shirts can be handled, so I wonder if pants and other items are either not compatible or not as important. Either way, the process of folding your shirts is hypnotizing.

Just look at that thing go! It gets your sleeves just right and then pops it down into the tray.

If you have any concern about wrinkles, don't fret. The machine will steam your clothing to perfection. That's a step even I don't take when it comes to my laundry.

The FoldiMate will let you know when the tray is full and ready for the next set of clothes. Like magic. Can't wait to see this popping up at my local appliance store!

Images: YouTube; Pexels