Nicole Richie Just Lied To Us All

We are all very aware that we can't believe everything we read on the Internet, but apparently, we can't believe everything we see on Instagram, either. Nicole Richie pulled a fast one on us yesterday, guys. That photo she posted of herself with a new lavender-hued hairdo was totally a Photoshopped rendering of an old photo.

The photo was part of a spread she did for THAT magazine in their May/June 2011 issue, which featured a dirty blonde Richie with dark roots — NOT a pastel purple-haired Richie.

After posting the photo yesterday, Richie's "new 'do" went viral. Every ounce of me believed it was real. When it comes to fashion and beauty trends, Richie is famous for being a forward thinker. After all, she dyed her hair silver at last year's Met Ball. In 2012, she tried out hot pink streaks in her 'do. But the most convincing part of it all was that she just looked so darn good with her mermaid-y locks!

I'm thinking that Richie was hoping to see what she would look like with violet hair and posted it on her Instagram to see what sort of reaction she would get. Since the critiques were overwhelming positive and she hasn't come out to say that the photo was doctored, I think we can all anticipate a purple-haired Richie in the very near future.