Arya Might Meet The Greyjoys Soon On 'Game Of Thrones' If This Quote Is A Hidden Clue

Despite the fact that the Seven Kingdoms seem pretty big and only a few people have the luxury of super fast dragons as a mode of transportation, everybody seems to bump into each other in The Game of Thrones universe like they're all on the same college campus. Remember when Brienne casually bumped into not one, but two, Stark sisters? And when the Brotherhood Without Banners managed to find the Hound again, even though he's in some weird part of Westeros which only seems to be inhabited by Ian McShane as a Jesus-esque dude and his followers? This characteristic of the universe makes me pretty certain Arya Stark is about to meet up with the Greyjoys, and soon, too.

Don't shoot me down with your "Uh, did you watch Season 6 Episode 7 aka 'The Broken Man'? Arya is toast and definitely not meeting anyone new." I am quite aware that Arya just got stabbed a bunch by the Waif, but I'm not convinced she's going to die from her wounds. I mean, let's be real, that would be horrible storytelling.

We know the Greyjoys are headed to Slaver's Bay to offer their services to Daenerys and reclaim the Iron Islands. We last saw them in a port brothel at an undisclosed location so Yara and her men could get their jollies out before they began their great voyage. But that wasn't the only mention of the Ironborn in this episode. In fact, when Arya is looking for a ship captain, she overhears a Westerosi captain discussing the fleet.

In Game of Thrones, there are no coincidences. Remember how "Hodor" kept saying the same damn thing over and over again, and we all thought it was just a cute gimmick, but it was actually a crazy plot twist? Naturally, when we hear this captain talking to another guy about the Ironborn, we should be suspicious. His exact words were, "He's not a lying man. He says the Iron Fleet's in Slaver's Bay, and I'm inclined to believe him."

Is this man who is not a lying man also a man known sometimes as Jaqen H'ghar? It's awfully interesting that the words "he's not a lying man" were chosen, as H'ghar only refers to himself as "a Man." Furthermore, what man is the captain talking to that he trusts so implicitly? It seems that there are few trustworthy men in Braavos.

It's true that H'ghar is bummed that Arya bailed on her training — he did send the Waif to kill her — but what if he has a backup plan for Arya if the murder didn't work? If the Waif wasn't successful, the Many-Faced God clearly doesn't want Arya to die, or so the trial by combat thing all these people seem to be into would imply. Theon saving Arya's life would be good for both their souls, and probably good for Westeros. I like to think the Faceless Man has a soft spot for Arya, and was definitely brought into her life for a reason, so maybe that reason is about to be revealed.

Of course, maybe I'm just seeing conspiracy theories everywhere because I want Arya to survive and Theon to be redeemed. But maybe, just maybe, I'm right, and we're about to have the greatest reunion/meet up of all time. Three cheers for a potential Tyrion/Daenerys/Yara/Theon/Arya hangout! I hope Arya gets to ride a dragon. She's totally earned it.

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