There's More To Matteo Lane Than Comedy

Watching MTV's Girl Code and Guy Code is a great way to get introduced to some of the best comedians in and around New York City, and now the network is adding another with prank series Ladylike. When it premieres on June 9, Girl Code star Nicole Byer will be joined on the new show by some of her previous costars. One of those Ladylike cast members is Matteo Lane, who appeared in the other MTV series and will be joining the primarily female cast of Ladylike, walking the streets to trick unsuspecting passersby into participating in some pranks that will break down stereotypes about "ladylike" behavior.

But Lane has been more than just a panelist on Girl Code — he's also an accomplished comedian with plenty of work you can check out online in order to get excited for his comedy on Ladylike. You won't have to love pranks in order to get into this talented performer's jokes — I promise. You can be completely opposed to the idea of hidden cameras and still be excitedly tuning in to MTV in order to see what Matteo and the rest of the crew will be getting up to when Ladylike premieres.

He Has A Classy Background

Here are some selections from Lane's biography on his website. "I learned 5 languages but still don't read books. After spending most of my life as an oil painter and opera singer, trying my best to be Maria Callas, I decided to throw it all away..." so he could become a comedian. He has an online portfolio of his art, and it's really impressive. And apparently, his Snapchats are too.

He's A Compelling Stand-Up Comedian

Here he is showcased at The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail. You will be laughing and treated to some opera within seconds. You will also learn a lot about Lane (or, at least, his onstage persona), like that he hates hunting and won't be tricked by backhanded compliments.

He's Performed On TV Before

Lane has performed stand up on TV before, but he also played a character on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore as a correspondent. And the segment's mix of comedy and commentary should come in handy on Ladylike, which may be primarily about pranking New Yorkers, but is also about confronting those New Yorkers with gender stereotypes.

He Is An Incisive Live-Tweeter

Remember when live-Tweeting awards shows was something everybody did? That was a dark time. Thankfully, most people have moved on to live-spoiling every episode of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead and leave the awards show commentary to those who actually have good jokes to share.

He's Living The Dream

Lane has done interviews for Logo on the red carpet at the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 premiere and coronation. Bob the Drag Queen even convinced him to take off his shirt in the middle of an interview.

He's Already An MTV Go-To

Lane can be seen as a talking head on both Girl Code and Guy Code, and does sketches for MTV. It's no surprise that when Ladylike needed to cast a male comedian to join the show, it went back to this hilarious comedian.