'American Grit' Should Claw Its Way To Season 2

American Grit might be the most challenging reality TV competition show out right now, give or take the all-out insanity of JoJo's Bachelorette season. But after the winner is awarded in the season finale on June 7, will American Grit return for Season 2? Well, FOX hasn't announced whether or not it has plans for additional seasons of the series, and the first season was just a scant 10 episodes long. According to Variety, the ratings have been disappointing, and the premiere only netted 2.4 million viewers overall. That's not a very strong start for a series, so if the show is going to warrant a return, it will probably be from the star power of host John Cena or because there are few other series to fill the beginning of the summer.

While fighting over the prize, the contestants are constantly subjected to some of the toughest physical and teamwork challenges imaginable. The team leaders got their experience from the U.S. Armed Forces, and on the show push the competitors to their limits as athletes and as leaders. There have been quite a few incredible physical feats accomplished over the course of the first season and here are just a few moments that show the intensity the series would bring in its second season.

Its Twist On The Team Format

American Grit is structured just like The Voice, The X Factor, and other singing shows, which split the competitors into teams and have each team fight for the prize. But unlike those shows, if a team wins on American Grit, they split the money. That's fostered a real sense of camaraderie between team members.

When John Cena Admitted He Couldn't Even Finish The Course

Cena literally looks like he only consists of muscles, so if he couldn't manage to get through the course, it's clearly a tough one. But he admitted that not only could he not finish the course, he would be totally out of his depth on this show in any role but host.

When 2 Contestants Fell In Love... Or So It Seemed

I would have never expected there to be a romance in a show about fighting through obstacle courses and carrying heavy objects. But lo and behold, it happened. I mean, it turned out to be a bit of a hoax, as Haze wound up tricking Cam into getting eliminated, but it was still unexpected.

Tabatha Chandler's Performance

I love that a roller derby skater was able to last until the end of the season while other, supposedly "tougher" professions could barely make it through the first episode. I'm rooting for her team (Team Rourke) to make it to the $1 million prize.

The Setting

Filming the season in Washington state made for unpredictable weather conditions and unexpected twists — snow, rain, and wind all played a role in the competitors' performance.

The Feats They Physically Achieve Are Incredible

Every single person who's been on American Grit Season 1 is wildly talented. They stand up for their team, fight their way through the discomfort and the elements, and have seemingly an unending reservoir of strength. If there's any reason to bring back American Grit for a second season, it's because, as American Ninja Warrior has shown, watching people push themselves to the extreme is both inspirational and entertaining.

Images: Olugbenro Ogunsemore/FOX (4)