Kim Says Kanye Will Make Up His Canceled Shows

On Sunday night, the 2016 Governors Ball Music Festival held in New York City was supposed to be headlined by Kanye West, but unfortunately it was canceled due to weather. Well, it looks like the rapper doesn't want to let his fans down, because he's planning something to make up for the cancellation. As she tweeted on Monday, Kim Kardashian promises West will make up his Governors Ball show and the late night surprise show he tried to use to make up the Gov Ball show, which was also cancelled. So, if you consider yourself a disappointed fan who really wanted to see The Life of Pablo artist in action this past Sunday, well, it sounds like you still may get to see him.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared on Twitter,

Last night was crazy! Kanye wished he could have performed last night!!! He really tried so hard but it was ultimately out of his control! He has the best fans in the whole world! Thank you all for coming out at 2am. Promise he will make up this pop up show.

For those unaware, after the Governors Ball cancellation news broke, West planned on performing somewhere in Manhattan. After making a surprise appearance at Hot 97's Summer Jam in New Jersey, Kardashian shared a snap of her husband trying to plan something big. Per E! News, West said in his wife's snap, "Call the mayor and shut down the block about four streets and put screens up so they can have a party outside. I hear it's sold out already."

West's creative director Virgil Abloh took to Twitter to alert fans of the pop up show. He wrote, "summer jam now. we're doing PABLO at 2 am in Manhattan. sorting out where now." Eventually, E! News reported they decided to host the spur of the moment show at Webster Hall. The news spread so fast that an estimated 4,000 people showed up, which as Consequence of Sounds puts it, ended up in a "near riot" situation.

Even though West did show up and stood up out of his car's sunroof, the show was canceled for safety reasons. Webster Hall took to Twitter and shared, "There is no late show at Webster Hall tonight. Please get home safely." Abloh ended up tweeting about the show's cancellation as well and wrote, "The greatest show that never happened. Safety first."

Even though two of West's shows got canceled in one day, I have a feeling he's going to pull off something much bigger than a pop up show to make up it all up to his fans. I can only imagine what the 38-year-old rapper will come up with, but knowing him, it's going to make headlines.