Signs That Chase Could Go Far On 'Bachelorette'

JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette has only just started airing so it can be a little difficult to figure out who the real front-runners are. On one hand, this is the kind of show that tries to keep spoilers under wraps. But on the other, we are supposed to be watching a love story play out, so it would be really weird if JoJo's interactions with the winner were cut out to prevent spoilers. With that said, I have a feeling that Bachelorette contestant Chase McNary could go all the way. You might be thinking to yourself: "Wait. Who is that?" since he did not go on a group date or solo date so far on the show, but hear me out. Low-key, there have been plenty of signs that Chase could be the one to take home the final rose.

Even though Chase has not been shown interacting with JoJo too much yet, he has had a lot of screen time during the on camera interviews. I feel like that's a subtle way to push viewers to get to know Chase without making it super obvious that he is going to be around for the long haul.

Along with a couple other guys, Chase did not get invited to any of the dates during Episode 2. Sure, they showed these other (pretty forgettable) dudes being upset by this news, but they really seemed to focus on Chase. Was that the producers way of getting the viewers to care about him? That's what it seemed like to me.

Chase made up for his lack of dates by "making it snow" for JoJo during the pre-ceremony cocktail party. I feel bad that some poor person had to stand above Chase and JoJo sprinkling fake snow, but it really seemed like JoJo was touched by him going out of his way to make his own date opportunity.

And if you paid close attention to the previews of the season that aired after the first two episodes, you probably noticed that he is in a lot of the footage. Not only that, but it looks like Chase goes pretty far since he is shown making out with JoJo in what appears to be in exotic locations (fast forward to the :22 second mark), which is a major hint that he makes it far since we all know that the contestants travel with JoJo more and more at the end.

It may seem like I'm reaching with this one, but I guess we will all have to watch and see what happens. If I were you, I would keep an eye on Chase.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC