MLB Opening Day Could Become a National Holiday, But These 7 Public Holidays Are Weirder

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Sign us up. Ozzie Smith, a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, is petitioning the White House to get MLB Opening Day declared a national holiday. The former St. Louis Cardinal's shortstop has been joined in his quest by beer giant Budweiser, which intends to launch ads for the petition on and For a shot of their dream coming true, they need to get 100,000 signatures on their petition by March 31st.

Of course, we're already bombarded with calls to celebrate unofficial days all the time. For example, says that Tuesday is "Clam Chowder Day." And if you wondered, Wednesday is "For Pete's Sake Day."

"If there's a Pete in your life, why not do something for his sake?" the website advises. We'll bear that in mind.

The MLB Opening Day isn't all that likely to succeed, but if it does, it sure wouldn't be the weirdest one out there. Here are seven of the best from around the world...

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