The Worst Responses To Clinton's Nomination Status

The Associated Press reported Monday night that Hillary Clinton had enough delegates to be the presumptive presidential nominee for Democratic party, and the Internet promptly blew up with commentary. Although many Clinton fans posted about their jubilation, some supporters of her rival, Bernie Sanders, let their displeasure with the early call show in some not so pleasant ways online. The worst Sanders' fan reactions to Clinton's nomination take the wrong tone in every way and show exactly how hard it may be for Democrats to unite.

Many Sanders' supporters raised concerns about the ethics of the delegates count published by the AP. Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz did say superdelegates should be reported in "a completely different way” on MSNBC in February. However, the math of the Associated Press report still seems to hold, with Clinton have secured enough total delegates to be the presumptive Democratic nominee.

What's more alarming than critiques of the Associated Press report is the backlash towards Clinton. Some diehard Sanders fans and/or those diametrically opposed to Clinton are tearing her down and using derogatory language. Some are tweeting, as Democratic leaders feared, that they will vote for Trump, instead.

These responses show how Democrats need to unite in order to keep Trump out of the presidency. Even if Clinton has enough delegates to be the presumptive Democratic nominee, these tweets show she still has a long road ahead.