'Full House' Fans, Denise Is Having A Baby

Jurnee Smollett-Bell has come a long way from her Full House days, flexing her muscles in films like The Great Debaters and on shows like Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, True Blood, and Underground. But, her most recent news brings me right back to her stint as Denise Frazer, Michelle Tanner's tiny BFF with a big personality. According to an extremely sweet Instagram and Twitter post from the actor, Smollett-Bell and her husband, Josiah Bell, revealed that she is pregnant with their first child. In her caption, she wrote, "He+Me+Baby= Three. So in love with this beautiful blessing God has given us. #WeArePregnant!! @josiahbell."

While my happiness for Smollett-Bell's happiness abounds, I am not going to lie to you. This announcement has admittedly put me full speed into my inevitable quarter life crisis. Little Denise from Full House is having a baby , you guys. Do you understand the implications of this? It means that we are old. We 90's kids are so, so very old. *Panicked breathing* We watched Denise take elementary school by storm and now? Now we're faced with the very real fact that she has betrayed us all and has grown up, reminding us that so have we.

Here's how I, and I am sure plenty of you, feel about Denise from Full House having a child:

Upon First Hearing The Wonderful News

That Instagram picture? The sweetest thing on the planet. So exciting.

When The Selfish Reality Of The Situation Finally Sinks In

Smollett-Bell's pregnancy (and the fact that she grew up in general) is a sobering realization of our own mortality.

When You Commiserate With Your Other "Elderly" Friends

Watch Full House reruns and pretend it's 1994 again, that's what.

When Your Younger Siblings Don't Understand Your Subsequent Freakout...

They still have their youth, so they can't possibly understand.

...So You Respond Like This

It's only appropriate.

When You Realize That Denise Is About To Be Mom And You're Not Even In A Relationship


But, Ultimately, You Also Realize It's Not About You Anyway, And That There's Now Potential For More Denises In The World

Have mercy.

Existential crisis aside, it's good to know that Smollett-Bell is carrying on the Full House legacy.

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