The International Cinephile Society Award Winners Are Far Different From the Oscars

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Inside Llewyn Davis may have only gotten two Academy Award nominations (Cinematography, Sound Editing), but there's one place where this movie was able to walk away with the top prize and more. The International Cinephile Society named its award winners Monday and the list was far different than what you can expect at the Oscars this Sunday. 

Even before you get to the winners list, the nominations are completely different. For starters, the ICS, which consists of "over 80 film journalists, academics and industry professionals," nominated 11 films for Best Picture:

Inside Llewyn Davis
Blue is the Warmest Color
Frances Ha 
The Great Beauty
Laurence Anyways 
Spring Breakers 
The Wolf of Wall Street
12 Years a Slave
Before Midnight 

Several films are here that aren't nominated for Oscars — this list allows foreign films and Spring Breakers — but there are also some Academy Award nominated films not seen here including American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Nebraska, and Philomena. 

Inside Llewyn Davis won Best Picture which was only one of four awards total. It also won for Best Original Screenplay, Best Ensemble, and star Oscar Isaac (again, someone not nominated for an Oscar) won Best Actor in a tie with Leonardo DiCaprio. This could be a good sign for DiCaprio's chances on Sunday. For his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street he's been awarded a Golden Globe, which tends to predict an Oscar, so agreement from the ICS, which makes some more artsy choices, means there could be universal agreement on DiCaprio deserving the big award.

Like Inside Llweyn Davis, Blue is the Warmest Color also won in four categories — Best Foreign Language Film (films can be nominated for both Best Foreign Language Film and Best Picture), Best Actress, Supporting Actress, and Adapted Screenplay. Neither Adèle Exarchopoulos nor Léa Seydoux who won Best Actress and Support Actress, respectively, were nominated for Academy Awards; although foreign language nominees are accepted.

Other surprises if you compare the ICS to the Oscars is James Franco's win for Supporting Actor for Spring Breakers and Joaquin Phoenix's runner-up spot for Best Actor for Her. Neither of these actors are nominated for Academy Awards.

The full list of International Cinephile Society winners is available here.

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