Amber Heard Was Reportedly Arrested For Domestic Violence In 2009

It's been just two weeks since news broke of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's divorce — and since Heard first accused Depp of being abusive toward her by filing for a restraining order against him. And now, there's even more news about Heard's past that's just as shocking as everything else involved in this case has been. According to legal documents that surfaced Tuesday via TMZ, Heard was allegedly arrested for domestic violence against her girlfriend in 2009, although the case was later dismissed. Bustle has reached out to Heard's lawyer for comment, but has yet to hear back at this time.

As the papers obtained by TMZ claim, Heard and ex girlfriend Tasya van Ree got into a fight at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on September 14, 2009. There is no word on what their supposed fight could have been about, but Heard allegedly grabbed van Ree's arm during their argument, which led to her supposed arrest for misdemeanor domestic violence. According to the documents, Heard allegedly did go to jail, and the next day, she went to court, where the judge dismissed the case because the couple lived out of state in California, although, allegedly, the case could have been refiled if van Ree and her lawyer chose to. TMZ also has audio of the court hearing, where you can hear the end of the proceedings where the prosecutor reveals the decision and wraps the whole thing up.

Heard has yet to comment on her arrest herself now that it's come to light again. And while these allegations are grave, it's important to remember that they are completely separate from the allegations Heard has made against Depp, and that they do not and cannot speak to whether her recent claims against Depp are true or untrue.