Kourtney Kardashian's Father's Day Gift Guide Is For Dads Just Like Scott Disick

If you ever wanted your dad to be just like Scott Disick, here's your chance. Kourtney Kardashian's Father's Day gift guide is here. As you can imagine, it is filled with many expensive items, but also some decently priced one for us "average" folk. The major takeaway after glancing at her list is her ideas definitely resemble her ex and the father of her three children. I could totally see Scott wearing and using everything in her gift guide. So, if you really love your dad and really love Scott, then this is a great opportunity to merge those two loves.

Alongside her guide, Kourtney left a note reading: "When it comes to Father's Day gifts, I try to find cool but simple items that I know he'll actually use. From sunglasses to a personalized wallet, there's something for all the daddies out there." Well, there's definitely something for every father who really wants to resemble Scott. Maybe Kourtney's list is for herself as an idea of what to get Scott. Or, maybe she just thinks every dad out there wants to be Scott. Or, maybe she just gathered a bunch of items without realizing how much each one basically breathes Lord Disick. Whatever the case, come June 19, a lot of dads out there are going to be walking around looking and acting like Scott.

With that, it's now time for me to prove just how much Kourtney's Father's Day gift guide is so Scott Disick.

The Sunglasses

There's no doubt Scott loves a good pair of sunglasses. He may have even sported these Saint Laurent aviators ($385) at one time or another.

The Sneakers

From time to time Scott is seen wearing sneakers, which means you probably want to purchase these Athletic Propulsion Labs ($165) for you dad.

The Swim Trunks

When doesn't Scott wear bold colors and patterns? The same can be said when he's chilling by the pool. Price is available upon request (aka, probably super expensive), but you just might want to check out the above Strong Boalt X The Beverly Hills Hotel Swim Trunks.

The Denim Jacket

That's not a jacket Scott's wearing, but he definitely loves sporting a denim shirt. So, yeah, it's basically the same thing. Your dad can do the same with this Levi's Trucker Jacket ($70).

The Bomber Jacket

I mean, this is probably one type of jacket Scott wears every time he goes out and about. I must say this Topman Bomber Jacket ($100) looks an awful like the one Scott's wearing, right?

The Cigars

Scott loves good cigar, so if your dad does too, Kourtney recommends the Fuente Fuente Opus 6 Cigar Sampler ($260).

The Robe

Scott is all about being comfortable and what's more comfy than a robe? If you get the Barefoot Dreams Robe ($127) for your dad, he too can strut the beach in a robe smoking his cigars.

The Slippers

Finally, Lord Disick goes nowhere without his slippers, like these Stubbs & Wootton Slippers ($495). They definitely class up your feet.

Happy Father's Day? More like, Happy Look Just Like Scott Disick Day.

Images: Barneys; Saks Fifth Avenue; Dorchester Collection; Levi; Nordstrom; Corona Cigar; Barefoot Dreams; Stubbs & Wootton