How Do Calvin Harris & Frank Ocean Know Each Other? There Are A Few Options Here

In the days following the news of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift's split, the talented DJ was spotted hanging with Frank Ocean in Malibu at Nobu. Ever since the two were photographed together, I'm sure many have been wondering how Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean know each other. Well, there isn't one solid answer, but I have a feeling since they are both part of the music industry, their jobs probably brought them together.

As suggested by TMZ, there's a chance that Harris could be helping Ocean with his new album that will hopefully drop sooner rather than later. It remains unclear if that's the case, but it's definitely a possibility. If so, then maybe the musicians grabbed a bite to eat at Nobu to discuss Ocean's album, which is allegedly titled Boys Don't Cry and was rumored to be released on Friday, June 3. What better way to talk business than over a good meal?

Let's say there is no truth to the above, how else would they know each other? Well, when you're part of Hollywood, it seems like everybody knows everybody. I'm sure Ocean and Harris have crossed paths at some point in time, especially at an awards show, a red carpet event, or maybe even at another celebrity's birthday party.

Karl Walter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plus, as Fuse reported in May 2016, Ocean signed with Three Six Zero management in September 2014, the same management as Harris. Again, that's another opportunity where they may have come in contact.

However they know one another, they're clearly close enough to chill and go out. Since they seem to be tight, does this mean there just might be a Harris and Ocean single dropping sometime in the near future? Maybe Harris will even be featured on Ocean's new album? Seriously, I smell a collaboration. That'd be pretty amazing.

There are even some people who hope Ocean is helping Harris with his own breakup song post-Swift. After their split was announced, Swifities immediately thought about how amazing her next album will probably be, since there's a very good chance she'll write about Harris. Well, maybe he's taking a page out of her book this time.

Whatever the case, Harris and Ocean's friendship isn't going unnoticed, and I have a feeling their fans are going to want to see more of them, stat.