These Bernie Sanders Memes & Jokes After California Give Some Levity To A Fierce Night

The fate of the Democratic presidential nomination came down to the nation's largest primary on Tuesday night in California, where the long and hard fought battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton basically came to an end. Although Clinton was declared the presumptive nominee by the Associated Press the night before, Sanders had a decent showing in the polls, winning at least North Dakota and faring well in the other states. Political spectators from across the globe flocked to the internet to share their thoughts on the California outcome, posting some amazing Bernie Sanders jokes and memes that added levity to the tough day for some and a celebratory event for others.

The posts ran the gambit between lighthearted bragging to bitter despair to relentless optimism in the online response to Sanders' showing in California, exemplifying the ferocity of this Democratic primary season one last time. Clinton may have been declared the presumptive nominee on Monday night, but it hasn't stopped the hardcore Berners from maintaining unfaltering belief in their candidate and sharing their best material on his campaign and continued chances online. Clinton supporters also took to Twitter to comment on the Sanders campaign's unyielding drive, stimulating the conversation surrounding Sanders' refusal to drop out of the race before the convention.

The post-California Sanders jokes and memes show that his campaign, and the movement it incited, really isn't over quite yet.