'Nashville' Might Be Getting A Second Chance & Its Potential New Home Sounds Like The Perfect Fit

Get excited, Nashville fans, because the news that you have been waiting to hear may actually come to fruition. Variety reported on Tuesday that Nashville might get picked up by another network, and it sounds like this new home might just be the perfect fit. Ever since news of the show’s cancellation was announced by ABC — on a day that some are dubbing Bloody Thursday for the number of popular shows that were cut from network TV lineups — fans have not been happy about the news. In an attempt to get the show moved to another network instead of cancelled entirely, a lot has been happening behind the scenes for this show, and it sounds like the effort to make sure Nashville sticks around might just pay off after all.

And it’s really no wonder. When news of the show’s cancellation broke, a number of potential buyers reportedly came forward, Variety reported that Lionsgate Television executives said during a press call. Four or five networks were reported to be interested in the show, but the one that seems to be winning out might be the perfect one for it. On Tuesday Variety reported that CMT — Country Music Television — might be the network to scoop this beloved show up.

Bustle has reached out to CMT for comment, but has not yet heard back.


I honestly can’t think of a better network for the show to be on. With a number of reality and scripted shows already playing across CMT’s airwaves — shows like Trick My Truck and Texas Women — adding a country-music themed fictional show like Nashville to the mix seems like the perfect addition. For one thing, the audience will be built right in. Plus, this southern drama will fit in perfectly with the network’s lineup of country favorites.

So get ready to reprogram your DVR, Nashville fans, if this move really happens.. And if it means more Rayna Jaymes playing across my television set, then I am all for it.

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