Steve Urkel's Most Relatable Moments

Before wearing ridiculous sweaters and rocking the big glasses thing was cool, there was Steve Urkel. Steve was totally a nerd. In fact, Steve was the nerd. If you try to think up a stereotypical so-called TV nerd, Urkel is probably the first thing you think of. But, now, it's cool to be a nerd. We all wear our nerdy moments as a badge of dorky pride and run down the streets screaming "I love fantasy series! I watch Game of Thrones every Sunday!" But, during the time of Family Matters, it was weird to be a nerd. Steve Urkel's nerd moments were so relatable to us underground (and sometimes not so underground) dorks.

Nothing made us feel quite as OK about our nerdiness like taking some time to watch some Family Matters. Sure, we were a little clumsy, a little awkward looking, but we had literally nothing on the crazy and ridiculous antics of one Steven Quincy Urkel. That kid caused devastation literally everywhere he went, and helped you feel better about even your worst or most embarrassing day. These are Urkel's dorkiest moments, just in case, in the future, you need another pick me up.

1. When He Dabbled In Obscure Instruments

I see your accordion, and raise you one ukulele.

2. When He Tried To Get Frisky

And, ultimately, failed every time. But at least he was brave enough to give it a shot in creative ways, in the hopes that the jock overlords wouldn't win the day again.

3. When He Danced Loud And Proud

Urkel took dancing to a new level. He danced like nobody was watching. He danced like me at every school dance from 2002 to 2009, but his included slightly less shame.

4. When He Ate Like A Fool

Urkel was too busy being preoccupied with other things to actually pay attention to how he chewed. That's why no one ever wanted to eat lunch at his table in the cafeteria.

5. When He Tried To Promote Change

Most kids were running around, chasing down members of the opposite sex and going to the mall. Not Urkel. He was concerned about the world. He continued doing his part to change it.

6. When He Did Sports

Hey, contact sports aren't for everyone, Steve Urkel. Maybe look into chess, or speech and debate. Or band? Some sort of martial arts may also be good for you.

7. When He Got Into Costumes

Clearly, a nerd's favorite time of year is Halloween, so they can disguise, or amplify, their nerdy selves with a witty costume.

8. When He Had An Alter Ego

Some nerds showcase their inner flower by developing an alter ego of sorts. Sometimes, this alter ego is an internet one. Sometimes, it means participating in theater. But, regardless, it's pretty standard for us. And Urkel, with his alter ego Stefan Urquelle, is no different.

9. When He Crushed On Someone "Above" Him

Laura was popular. Laura was pretty. Most people would poo poo their love because Urkel was not popular or pretty. But that didn't stop Urkel.

10. When He Was Clumsy

Nerds have their heads in other places, and it's not their fault that the coffee table moved or that the glass of water was sitting there and in high danger of falling. Or that they ran into a screen door.

11. When He Was Self-Aware

Urkel knew they wasn't perfect. Everybody else reminds him of it, so of course he knows. However, his limitations don't stop him from constantly trying to improve himself.

12. When He Was Willing To Be The Joke

Being embarrassed is pretty common place for a nerd, so doing it to make others laugh is just good manners.

13. When He Had a Catch Phrase

Not all nerds have catch phrases, because they're not television personalities, and yet...

14. When He Dressed Questionably

Urkel's fashion would be loved, admired even. So hip, so edgy. But, back then, it was nerdy. Nerdy chic, even.

Urkel will continue on in our hearts and minds as a reminder that being smart, a tad uncoordinated, and ultimately yourself can actually be pretty cool.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (9)