Jordan Wins 'The Bachelorette' Football Date Rose, Because Of Course He Does

The Bachelorette has come up with a lot of creative dates in recent season, but this might be the first time they're giving certain guys a major advantage by setting them off into challenges that First, there was the firefighter challenge that Grant totally beasted since he's a firefighter in real life, and now, it's Jordan's time to shine. On Tuesday night's episode, the guys hit the field to toss a ball around, and Jordan really loved the Bachelorette football date. Like, really loved it. And OK, it was pretty adorable.

First, they met with some pro players at Heinz Field, like Ben Roethlisberger, who most of the guys were super jazzed to meet in person. Then, they were split up into teams to actually play football. The team that lost had to go back to the mansion, but the team that won got to hang out with JoJo at a special party after the game. Some of the men were excited, and some of them were nervous thanks to their questionable sports skills, but no one was more completely jacked than Jordan was. Maybe it's because he was a pro football player, or maybe it's because so far, he's seemed pretty excitable, but either way this dude was pumped.

Jordan ended up playing for both teams in the end — which is probably for the best, because it's really not fair to have a pro player on one team but not the other! And even though he was the most excited, Derek was the one who scored the winning goal (touchdown? Who knows?), which was a surprise to everyone.

And at the end of the day, Jordan wasn't the only one who loved the date. JoJo admitted it was one of her favorites so far, too. And, she gave Jordan the group date rose so it seems she was impressed with his skills on and off the field.

With an ESPN and a football-themed date so far this season, I have to wonder if sports dates are now off the table. Probs not, though — especially if they find a way to toss a ball into a hot air balloon.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC