#HistoryMade Honors Hillary Clinton's Nomination & This Landmark Feminist Moment

Once it was clear that Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, the Clinton campaign released an awe-inspiring video Tuesday afternoon highlighting the fight for women's political rights in America. The video promised that history would be made, and on Tuesday night, it was: Hillary Clinton became the first woman to secure the delegates needed to win the presidential nomination on a major party ticket, shattering a 240-year-old glass ceiling. On Twitter, Clinton supporters celebrated by circulating #HistoryMade, congratulating Clinton on achieving a dream that American women were beginning to think was impossible.

Clinton herself tweeted that perfect tagline on Tuesday, superimposing the words over a powerful image of herself. "Tonight, we can say with pride that, in America, there is no barrier too great and no ceiling too high to break," Clinton tweeted.

The former secretary of state and U.S. senator was clearly enjoying the moment, posting photos and videos on her Twitter and Instagram accounts reminding Americans that little girls can dare to dream big. Earlier on Tuesday, Clinton took us down memory lane, posting a recording of her 2008 concession speech, in which she called the U.S. presidency the "highest, hardest glass ceiling." That ceiling, Clinton said, has "about 18 million cracks in it."

Now, those cracks have given way to a presidential nomination.

Even some celebrities and high-profile activists joined in on Twitter.

In her victory speech Tuesday night, Clinton recognized this history-making moment, but she emphasized that this win is hardly about one person. "We reached this moment thanks to the struggle and sacrifice of generations of women and men," Clinton said.