Hillary Clinton's Glass Ceiling Was Epically Literal During Her Nomination Victory Speech

In perhaps the most epic physical representation of a metaphor ever, Hillary Clinton delivered her victory speech at her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn on Tuesday night under a literal glass ceiling. Clinton addressed the very literal metaphor as one of the first points in her speech declaring victory over rival Bernie Sanders after the long, divisive Democratic primary race, which culminated in the final round of primaries just before the speech.

Clinton's victory isn't 100 percent secured yet, as she is still relying on superdelegate votes to push her over the 2,383 magic number on the first ballot at the DNC next month, but her win over Sanders is solid enough to prompt the speech. Clinton leads the superdelegate race by over 400 votes, and Sanders would be hard pressed to flip enough superdelegates to shift the nomination. Although the smooth sailing primary process that Clinton was expecting didn't exactly come to pass, the end result is the same.

Now, Clinton moves on to the general election, in which she certainly hopes to break the next glass ceiling and become the first female president of the United States. Donald Trump, who sured up his own nomination even further with wins across the board in the final primaries on Tuesday, has already begun crafting his strategy for the general, but Clinton will be right behind him starting Wednesday as she can finally turn her full attention towards November.

Clinton's nomination is an undeniable victory for women everywhere, and her choice to make the metaphor very literal before the eyes of the entire country sent a clear reminder that no matter your feelings on her candidacy, it's still a monumental achievement. Her victory in the primary campaign is a sign that a fundamental change in the American attitude towards women is improving, and should continue to improve if she is elected in November.