Jiminy Glick Interviews Drake On 'Maya & Marty' & The Rapper Is A Good Sport About It

This Spring, Drake released his new album VIEWS, topped the charts with his hit song "One Dance," and dropped more songs, including a remix with Justin Bieber. And on Tuesday night, the Canadian rapper has received quite an honor: Drake got interviewed by Jiminy Glick on Maya & Marty and survived to tell the tae. Glick is host Martin Short's obnoxious entertainment journalist character who hosts a fictional TV show called Jiminy Glick's Celebrity Sensations. This week, Drizzy showed up as Glick's guest and took aim at everything about the rapper, but Drake was such a good sport about it. After all, he knows awkwardness — Drake starred on Degrassi: The Next Generation for several years.

From the get go, Glick went in for the kill with Drake. "Normally, I interview celebrities, so this is going to be a change," the host said in the segment. "I know nothing about you." Glick went on to insult "One Dance," and told Drake that being a Canada native, Jewish, and a former child actor gave him "zero street cred." Ouch. There was even a very awkward joke about foreskin and weigh insults, with Glick telling Drake tha he's let himself go. But Drizzy took it all in stride, even when the duo ate some donuts together and Glick ended up on Drake's lap.

By the end, Glick invited Drake to a "naturalistic steam bath," where he claims to take all of his interviewees, but Drake declines. Many, many times. The important thing here is that Drake has now survived one of Hollywood's most notorious interviewers (and comedians) in the star-studded episode of NBC's new comedy variety series. Maya Rudolph's former Saturday Night Live co-star Tina Fey and comedian Steve Martin also appeared as guests on the second episode of Maya & Marty, which is becoming a really fun summer show.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/NBC