Tina Fey & Maya Rudolph Duet On 'Maya & Marty,' Paying Tribute To Female Stars & Past Variety Shows

Just when you thought NBC's Maya & Marty was a pretty funny summer show, the Maya Rudolph and Martin Short-hosted series upped the ante on Tuesday night. Tina Fey guest starred and reunited with former Saturday Night Live castmate Rudolph for some hilarious sketches. Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph performed a duet on Maya & Marty , in which the talented comedy actresses saluted their favorite old school variety shows and saluted some female sings and comedians as well. The bit was simple, but perfect: Just Fey and Rudolph singing it out on stage.

They began by reminiscing about shows like The Sonny & Cher Show, and Donnie & Marie, which they enjoyed, and climbing up on some high stools. And then the music started and they got handed some old school pointy mics. Together, Fey and Rudolph imitated those older shows by singing without much effort and putting weird spins on cover songs. Fey even came up with her own Joni Mitchell song and revealed her comedic formula for coming up with one: "Mention in a place in Canada and say something about a baby." Maya tries it in a made up lyric about "carrying a baby as a carry-on" and it's comedy gold. Together, they belt out fast medley of songs, which is also inspired by those '70s classics.

To close out the segment, Rudolph and Fey saluted women singers and comics who came before them, including a special shout out to Vicki Lawrence of the show Mama's Family. "People don't say thanks to Vicki Lawrence enough," Fey declared. It's so great to see that these former co-stars are still good friends, supporting each other's work, and paying tribute to the women who broke down the barriers before them. True female power right there.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/NBC