Maya Rudolph's Oprah Commercial Parody Is So On Point & Proves She's The Queen Of Impressions — VIDEO

I've seen Oprah's "I love bread" Weight Watchers commercial, you've seen Oprah's "I love bread" Weight Watchers commercial, we've all seen Oprah's Weight Watchers "I love bread" Weight Watchers commercial. Yes, even you Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime purists. It's all over the internet; I know you've bore witness to it as well. The overindulgence of said viral video is why Maya Rudolph's parody of Oprah's Weight Watchers commercial on Maya & Marty is all the more satisfying.

Listen, I worship at the altar of Oprah Winfrey like the next sane person, but even I have to admit that her public expression of ardor for the glorified sandwich bookends was maybe just a little bit over the top. In fact, the very humor in the comedian's sensationalized take on it is that it didn't even seem all that outrageous in comparison. Well, that and the fact that Rudolph has gotten Oprah's grandiose inflection, animated hand gestures, and bread-colored outfit down to a science.

While Weight Watchers probably would have stopped short of having the media mogul carving bread masterpieces with her mouth — at least I hope — the rest of the skit seems pretty on par with Oprah's Tom Cruise-jumping-on-the-couch-like declaration of love for the carbohydrate. Rudolph is Oprah as she lets out her patented yodel, gifts the imaginary audience an under-the-seat bread prize, busts through the fourth wall with her impassioned yet commanding gaze, and makes her extravagant bread living quarters seem not-so-wild with her cool and concise narration. In Rudolph's subtle exaggeration of Oprah in an already exaggerated state, she makes this satirical iteration all the more believable in its hilarity.

You can check out Rudolph's on point Oprah embodiment and ode to bread, below.

The only thing unrealistic about this skit was Rudolph-as-Oprah's remark about sleeping 16 hours. Everyone knows that Oprah doesn't sleep. She's always hustling.

Image: Maya & Marty/Hulu