Rory's Career Should Receive More Focus Than Her Love Life In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

As a hopeless romantic (at least, fictionally), I understand the importance, draw, and excitement of a love story, especially one that has the opportunity to blossom and develop over the course of a show. So, this is not to say that in the Gilmore Girls Revival that Rory's love life should be ignored, or put down, or seen as lesser than to other storylines because love stories are trite or tired or juvenile. Rory's career deserves more focus in the Gilmore Girls revival than her love life, simply because that is what Rory focused on in the series finale.

Hear me out. Yes, I know that the names Dean, Jess, and Logan are synonymous with the series. I understand that each of her three boyfriends helped to shape not only her perception of her herself, but of the world. But this show is called Gilmore Girls. The emphasis here being on the girls. And what the youngest girl in that scenario chose was to let her love life take a back seat. Her refusal to marry Logan in order to pursue her dreams is like a prologue to what the revival can and should be. Not that Rory doesn't have a love life at all, but that she doesn't lose her agency in order to have one.

The reason that the revival should focus on Rory's career morse so than her love life is because that is what Rory always ultimately chose. Here are nine reasons that prove it.

1. From The Start, Rory Was All About Her Studies


This pretty much says it all.

2. Case In Point, She Was The Valedictorian Of Her Graduating Class At Chilton

That speech, though? I'm crying.

3. Her Major Life Crises Were Career Oriented


Not to say that she didn't experience her fair share of boyfriend trouble, but there was a different kind of urgency to this.

4. Rory's Most Epic Love Story Was With Yale

She chose it, definitively, over Princeton and her beloved Harvard. Something she couldn't do with another trio...

5. They Even Did The "Will They, Won't They?" Trope

A TV love story right of passage.

6. And, They Proved To Be Endgame

Rory and Yale forever.

7. Rory Found Passion In Work

Despite being below the militant Paris, she understood what it took to be a good journalist and the kind of atmosphere was required to produce good journalism.

8. Ultimately, Though, Rory Was The More Sure Of Her Career Than Of Love

Something that even Logan took note of long before she turned down his proposal...

9. Her "Possibilities" Need To Be Explored In The Revival To Show Full Character Development

I'd love for Rory to find love again in the revival, but not at the expense of her hard earned career. Mostly because, well, that was never what Rory wanted for herself.

To come full circle, Rory thriving in a career that she loves and finding someone to love who won't hinder that is what I really want to see.

Image: Warner Bros. Television