Make Your Room More Inviting With These Tips

by Isadora Baum, CHC

A living room can be the focal point of a home; it's the place where you put your feet up after a long day at the office, the space where you cuddle with your partner on a couch to watch a movie, and the entertaining room for house events and parties. Thus, making your living room more inviting for guests can really enhance your ability to host get-togethers and make others feel comfortable and welcomed. Plus, an intimate living room can make you feel safer and happier each day, as it allows you to unwind, rest and be completely yourself.

As a certified health coach, I work with people on making them feel protected within and personal with their homes. I encourage them to make a safe haven, an area that they can call their own and come home to in order to de-stress and cleanse their minds. I also work with them on visualization techniques, where they recall a happy place or moment in times of anxiety. A great example is a living room: picturing yourself curled up on the couch, holding your dog, drinking a cup of chamomile, and listening to your favorite music station in the background. Adding personality to a living room can make it a happy space, for both yourself and others. Here are thirteen ways to make your living room more inviting.

1. Display Photos Of Your Network

"I always encourage my sellers to keep some photos around that reflect the warmth of their friends, family and pets," says real estate broker at The Corcoran Group, Debbie Baum, over email correspondence with Bustle. Showcasing photos of your support group can instantly boost your mood upon entrance, and it will make the living room more inviting to others when they come to visit, as well.

2. Add An Area Rug

"Add an area rug for additional color and warmth," advises real estate broker at The Corcoran Group, Andrea D'Amico, over an email interview with Bustle. Using area rugs is a great opportunity to show pops of your personality, and the designs you choose can totally transform a space. Choose something that brightens the room and makes you feel happy and relaxed.

3. Add Pillows For Comfort

Not only can you have fun purchasing fun, colorful, patterned or sleek pillows that can really enhance your vision for your living room space, but you also can bring in an extra bit of comfort to your couch and chairs. "Attractive and plushy pillows encourage you to sit and relax and can make guests feel welcome," says Baum.

4. Play With Wallpaper

Add some patterns or colors to your walls for extra playfulness and personality. "Wallpaper one wall to add texture and interest," suggests D'Amico. Whether you like floral, checkers and other prints, or just plain color blocks in pastels or darker hues, have some fun with the process. You can also look online for great ideas for one wallpaper themes.

5. Add A Scent

A great smelling living room can immediately make the space more inviting. Include a few scented candles for both aesthetic and scent, or purchase a high-quality air freshener that denotes a honey vanilla or a tropical breeze. Plus, "candles can make a room feel more intimate and sleek," says Baum. Choose scents that go with the vibe you're going for.

6. Play With Lighting

"Add dimmers to your lamps (available at most hardware stores) to create an inviting, soft lighting within your space," advises D'Amico. She also says, "put a small floor 'up-light' behind a tree or a large plant to create interesting lighting patterns on the walls and ceiling." By switching up your lighting, you can make the room brighter when you're awake and want to read, or dimmer when you are enjoying a date night or hosting an party for friends.

7. Add Pops Of Color

Colors that are inviting, such as beautiful pastels in yellows, blues, purples and greens and darker hues of burgundy and mustard, can really change the appearance of a living room. "I love shots of color," says Baum, "and it's so fun to choose paint and wallpaper designs that fit your personality." In fact, getting creative with color can be easy and exciting.

8. Remove Clutter

Having too many papers, boxes and books out can take up valuable space and make the living room seem less welcoming. A mess doesn't look good to guests, and studies even say that clutter can decrease productivity and our mental wellbeing. Stacks of paper can make us feel impotent and overwhelmed, which is not a sentiment we want to experience within our homes. Hire an organizer, and hide stacks for upcoming house events in the meantime.

9. Choose Furniture Wisely

Too many pieces can make a living room appear smaller than it it actually is, and a smaller space can be less inviting to guests. Open up the room with carefully furnished pieces, and make sure there is plenty of space to walk around or relax with company. Think about what items you really need and how best to consolidate. Perhaps, a storage unit could help with additional items that are unable to fit.

10. Open The Blinds And Curtains

Keep blinds and curtains open to allow sunshine to stream through. "Fresh sun light can immediately brighten up a room," says Baum. Plus, if you happen to have a great view, use it to your advantage and let it uplift your spirits each morning before work and each evening before winding down for bed.

11. Display Artwork

Including paintings and other visual pieces that have colors, themes, and sentiments that resonate with the essence of the room can help make the room more welcoming, warm and intimate for both yourself and guests. Plus, looking at artwork can make us more creative and inspired, which can then translate into our professional performance.

12. Personalize Your Ceiling

"Don't forget about your living room ceiling, as it is essentially your fifth wall! Paint it a fun color or wallpaper it for a more warm, fun and personable feel," says D'Amico. Whenever you look up above, you'll be reminded of something that is totally unique to your home and personality.

13. Include Large Mirrors

"Add large mirrors across from a window to reflect light," advises D'Amico. "This will be especially helpful if you have a dark living room, too," she adds. Personally, I have a large mirror in my own living room, and I think it adds a lot of light and sleekness to the room. Every time I walk by and catch my reflection, I think about how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful, warm and special home.

Adding a few simple, personal tweaks to your living room can make it more inviting for guests upon visits and for yourself, as you wake up and power down each day. A home should make you feel happy and safe, and playing with colors, textures, scents, accents, photos and artwork can definitely do the trick!

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