16 Feminist Hillary Clinton Memes That Celebrate This Amazing Moment In History

Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday night following the final and arguably most important primaries of the season, and the internet consequently exploded. Although many expressed their anger and disappointment in the wake of the polarizing election cycle, many, even those who had previously supported other candidates, responded with joy and pride at the election of the country's first female major party presidential candidate. Feminist Hillary Clinton memes abounded as those both young and old took the opportunity to celebrate the monumental historical moment and soak in the reality of the shattered glass ceiling to which Clinton alluded in her victory speech.

Clinton's nomination is secured in all by name, and come July, the nomination will be official, save any astonishingly unforeseen circumstances. The early celebration is definitely warranted — however, it is important not to assume this means a general election win. If this election cycle proved anything, it's that American politics is wildly unpredictable. Assuming Trump would have a failed candidacy is part of what got him the nomination for his own party, and it's a mistake that Democrats can't afford to make this time around. There's still a battle ahead for Clinton and the Democratic party, which has a lot of healing to do after the struggle between Clinton and Bernie Sanders over the past year.

Clinton's nomination is a win for feminists, but the real win will be when a female president is sworn into the Oval Office, a goal everyone needs to continue working towards. But for now, take a moment to celebrate with these awesome feminist memes.

The humor and levity from these shared memes is inspiring, and should be part of the way the Democratic party begins to unite after the fracturing it has endured this year. The shared goal of breaking this political glass ceiling and engendering feminist politics should be enough to help the party unify behind Clinton.