Kate Winslet & Idris Elba Starring In ‘The Mountain Between Us’ Together Might Break The Internet

Hold on to your hearts, because some serious casting news is headed your way — and this time, it’s completely dreamy. On Wednesday, it was reported that Kate Winslet is in talks to star alongside Idris Elba in The Mountain Between Us, and to say that the Internet is excited about this potential casting news is an understatement. Really it’s like a dream come true for fans of both Winslet and Elba, two hugely popular, dreamy, talented, amazing actors in their own right. But the fact that they are starring in this movie together is like one big Hollywood field day for fans across the Internet, because Twitter had a lot to say about the potential casting.

All that chatter, though, might have something to do with how anticipated this film is in the first place. The Mountain Between Us is based on the novel by Charles Martin about a surgeon and a woman who are stranded in the mountains after a plane crash. The two are forced to survive terrible conditions as they try to escape the wilderness save their lives. So basically, not only does that sound like an incredible movie, the fact that Elba and Winslet could be pairing up together to take on such physical and demanding roles is basically the best news ever. And, trust me, the Internet has a lot to say about this potential pairing.

I mean, just look at some of the tweets in response to the news that Winslet could be starring alongside Elba in this film. Fans are falling over themselves at the possibility that such news could even be remotely true. That these two amazing actors could be working together on such an amazing film has Twitter losing its mind.

And it’s really isn’t any wonder that the news that Winslet might join The Mountain Between Us is delighting fans around the world? The project has been in the works for some time, with Elba signing on to star in the film back in February. And long before that, Chris Weitz, the screenwriter for Star Wars: Rogue One, penned the script.

With so many talented people on board to steer this film into box office success, it’s really no surprise that the Twittersphere is going crazy for the news. Now if Winslet would just sign on to the role officially, this sweet, sweet dream could become an even better reality.

Editor's Note: This article incorrectly reported that the book in question was about a couple whose plane crashed on an island, instead of a mountain. It has been updated from its original version.