10 Things You Need For An Outdoor Workout

There are few things that are more fitness-motivating than the fact that it's summer. First of all, there's the whole "bikini season" thing (a term which I, personally, think we should all agree to do away with) but more importantly, there's the whole "it's beautiful weather and I want to be moving around outside all the time" thing. If you're looking for cute and effective accessories you need for an outdoor workout, look not further — I've got you covered.

But there's only one problem — who wants to be stuck in a dark, sweaty gym when it's 75-degrees and sunny outside? Not me, that's for sure. Unless it's to hit up the juice bar or the steam room (of which, sadly, my budget gym has neither) there is no reason for indoor exercise until September

Luckily, there are endless workouts that you can do outside, without any fancy equipment or a personal trainer. With so many new fitness apps, there are countless things you can do on your own, and many studios even offer their classes outside when the weather permits. Or, there's always the option of popping in a pair of headphones and going on a good, old fashioned run (and maybe ending it with a set of crunches in the park, for good measure).

Here are the 10 things you need for every outdoor workout you may want to try this summer that will make exercising feel like a privilege, not a chore.

1. A Hat

Patagonia Duckbill Trucker Hat, $35,

The mantra of "protect your face" does not just apply to the beach or pool. Wear a hat for all of your outdoor workouts to keep your skin gorgeous and wrinkle-free (which is something we can all agree we want, right?) This trucker hat (they're coming back in style, I swear.) is great for working out because it keeps the sun off of your face and the mesh keeps you from overheating. Plus, who doesn't love the '90s vibes of this cool Hawaiian print?

2. A Fanny Pack

Women's Nike Lean Waist Pack, $20,

OK — I know you hear the term "fanny pack" and think "Hell. To. The. No," but this one from Nike is functional and totally unoffensive. Where else are you going to put your wallet so you can end your run with Mr. Softee? After all, you earned it.

3. An Outdoor-Friendly Yoga Mat

Work It Out Exercise Mat - After This We're Getting Pizza, $32,

During the summer season, yoga studios in most cities offer outdoor classes. What's better than perfecting your down dog on the beach or in the park? Well, besides getting pizza afterwards.

4. A Phone Holder

Armband for iPhone, $14.95,

There's nothing more annoying than running with your iPod in your hand and getting the headphone wires all tangled up. Plus, it's really, really awkward when you have to tell the guy at the Apple store that your phone isn't water damaged, it's sweat damaged, so look for a case that's waterproof. And make sure you keep your everyday case on the phone too, just in, er, case.

5. An Easy-To-Follow Fitness App

Sworkit, Free (!), (Available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play)

Who needs a formal trainer or fitness class when there are literally zillions of fitness apps you can download on your smart phone and do on your own? Sworkit, which Kate Hudson swears by (and who doesn't want a body like Kate Hudson's?) offers 15-20 minute workouts that you can do anywhere, including next to your lounge chair by the pool.

6. A Pair Of Running Sunglasses

Megeve Sunglasses, $70,

There are a few important things to consider with running sunglasses that you may have never thought about during past sunglass purchases. You'll want anti-fog lenses that won't get steamy when you sweat, UV protection to keep your eyes safe and a traction grip to keep the shades from slipping off your nose while you run.

7. Sweat-Proof Sun Block

Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray Sunscreen, $8.97,

Who knew this sports sunscreen we've all been using on the beach for the last 15 years was actually great for, well, sports? Because it's meant for high-performance (and not just laying idle on the sand while you read the latest Jojo Moynes book), it won't drip in your eyes when you start to sweat.

8. Reflective Gear

Armour Mid, $14.99,

When you're outside, it's extra important that you're visible — especially at night and especially to cars. Plus, neon gear will look amazing with your tan.

9. An Easy To Carry Water Bottle

Work It Out Water Bottle, $20,

Stay hydrated during your outdoor workouts with the cutest ones out there from bando.

10. Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze, $199.95,

Track your steps and heart rate with a stylish fitness watch, like this one from Fitbit.

Now that you've got everything you need, go out and get 'em tiger.

Images: Courtesy Of Brands